Relax & Wellness Massage

Every body deserves a great massage tailored to individual needs and running at full relaxation and inner harmony, which is why I suggest you to several massages that are sure to relax in your body. My knowledge, experience and commitment due to the tension, stress and fatigue thing of the past.
Relaxation massage is performed slow movements of anti-stress and calming. Allows you to get rid of
tension throughout the body. It is particularly recommended for the long-term physical and mental effort. Accompanied massage candles, incense sticks, suitable music.

Hot stone massage is a combination of traditional massage techniques using hot basalt stones, heated to the appropriate temperature. Has the effect of incredible relaxation, relaxation, inner balance, muscle relaxation and stimulate circulation. Reduces stress, fatigue and reduces muscle tension. It works very soothing to the senses.

Lomi Lomi massage exotic native of Hawaii, is a beautiful, harmonious massage that combines touch and dance, and activity affects the physical realm, as well as emotional and even spiritual. There is massage, which provide a great feeling of bliss and relaxation. Performed to the music, especially the forearms, seamlessly takes you to a world of deep relaxation. Lomi lomi massage is not only the body but also the type of refreshment for the soul.

Erotic massage is a fascinating addition to sexual contact. Awakens sensuality, helps you discover the most sensitive areas. Relaxes and excites at the same time, creating conditions for the survival of the stronger than usual orgasm. This massage technique is excellent foreplay.


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