Latoya 20 lat

Experienced, promiscuous, horny, insatiable … Long as I could calculate, but still enough that I visit and you’ll see that it really is. I am open to the world and I love sex. I love the feel of the man behind sex sharp and strong slaps on the butt. In the bedroom I am very loud, demanding and groan as racial bitch. Come on – can all learn something new …?


Miasto: Karlino, wojew贸dztwo zachodniopomorskie Status zwi膮zku: Zwi膮zek otwarty Zasadno艣膰: Biseksualista D艂ugo艣膰: 175 - 180 cm Postawa: Puszysta Szkolenie: Szkolnictwo wy偶sze Kolor w艂os贸w: Jasny blond Palenie tytoniu: Nr BDSM: Tak Rozmiar miseczki: D75 Ogolony: Tak Kolczyki: Nr Tatua偶e: Nr