Domina Pejcz Eliza bezlitosna

Everything is a matter of dogadania and the needs of the moment. I offer domination: Mental (name-calling, shaming, dressage, forcing humiliating behavior, fetishes, dressing). Erotic (physical contact, control excitement, involving sex as a docile subject to their own pleasure, Forced orgasms in different ways). Physical (Bondage, whipping, slapping, torture, wax, anal rape). Medical (Playing doctor, examination of the prostate). Role-playing w / g agreed scenario. When I visit, we will discuss the details of the meeting and give you a word of safety, the use of which will terminate the session. In this way you can always make changes if the session does not meet anyone's expectations. Besides the dominant knows that it must respond to the request or skamlenia docile / submissive. Thanks to this session is more interesting and more authentic. FETISHES – high heels, stockings, tights, bare feet, pants. Enjoy and see you in my world! I can be with my submissive bitch then the cost of $ 250.


Miasto: Nowy Tomy艣l, Wielkopolska Status zwi膮zku: Pojedynczy Zasadno艣膰: Heteroseksuali艣ci D艂ugo艣膰: 150 - 155 cm Postawa: Slim Szkolenie: Uniwersytet Kolor w艂os贸w: Jasny blond Palenie tytoniu: Nr BDSM: Nr Rozmiar miseczki: D75 Ogolony: Tak Kolczyki: Nr Tatua偶e: Nr