Czas Na Relaks

Hello if you are looking for a place where you will find peace, relaxation, incredible atmosphere and beautiful, young, attractive masseuse is the right place.We offer Relaxation Massage, Sex, and massage for special clients such as:
Massage has Uri: It comes from the Polynesian healing system used in New Zealand by Tohun贸w-Maori experts healing art of massage, ritual and life in harmony with nature.
Egyptian Massage: There are a few of his odmian.Najcz臋艣ciej offers massage, which is used to extract aromatic oils from herbs. They have beneficial effects on muscle relaxation, skin recovery and regeneration generally understood.
Foot Massage: The aim is to unblock the energy flow zones of the whole body as well as elimination of pain and tension found in specific areas or organs.
Chinese Tuina Massage: The original full body massage used in China for 2000 years, massage is recommended not only for people affected, but mainly for people working temporarily exhausted and tired on the principle of prevention. Energy delivered during the surgery permanently strengthens the body and psyche.
Lomi Lomi: to regain harmony in the body and regenerate the body’s vital force, can break away from reality, has a gentle but profound effects on the muscles.


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