Asia – Gabinet Lomi

Hello if you are looking for a place where you will find peace, relaxation, incredible atmosphere and beautiful, young, attractive masseuse is the right place. Relaxation massage, erotic and massage for special clients such as: – Massage Ma Uri: derived from the Polynesian healing system used in New Zealand by Tohun贸w-Maori experts on healing art of massage, ritual and life in harmony with nature. – Egyptian Massage: There are several variations. Most offered massage, which is used to extract aromatic oils from herbs. They have beneficial effects on muscle relaxation, revitalizing the skin and generally understood regeneration. – Foot Massage: the aim is to unblock energy flow areas of the whole body as well as the elimination of pain and tension found in specific areas or organs. We are not a social agency, we do not offer sex and other close-ups.


Miasto: Dar艂owo, wojew贸dztwo zachodniopomorskie Status zwi膮zku: Pojedynczy Zasadno艣膰: Heteroseksuali艣ci D艂ugo艣膰: cm Postawa: Slim Szkolenie: Szkolnictwo podstawowe Kolor w艂os贸w: Blondynka Palenie tytoniu: Nr BDSM: Nr Rozmiar miseczki: C70 Ogolony: Tak Kolczyki: Tak Tatua偶e: Tak