Analna Angelika full serwis

Hello Stranger. My name is Angelika, I;m a nice, inteligetną girl, visiting Warsaw from time to time. I come from the eastern border, and I have 100% Slavic beauty next to which can not be ignored. I like to read, are not alien to me good manners and culture expression. So now that in some way we know, stud for a moment and tell yourself whether you want to meet with another naburmuszoną polka … Or maybe you want to try something different, the unknown, the person smiling and positive attitude to life? As far as the intimate, the most I like proximity. And what are you today you fancy? Maybe delicate French of uninterrupted eye contact, sex from behind with a view of my appetizing pupe, or perhaps passionate anal sex ??? All of these options I like and is committed to not overtly excited … That’s about where we see? Your Angelika …


Miasto: Czarna Białostocka, Województwo podlaskie Status związku: Pojedynczy Zasadność: Heteroseksualiści Długość: 155 - 160 cm Postawa: Ustaw Szkolenie: Szkolnictwo podstawowe Kolor włosów: Jasny blond Palenie tytoniu: Nr BDSM: Tak Rozmiar miseczki: B75 Ogolony: Tak Kolczyki: Nr Tatuaże: Nr