ada masaż z rimmingiem

Every game is different, each of us has a different sensitivity. I am a fan of massage, both doing it and giving the pleasure of massaging. At a meeting with me will be happy to arrange massage techniques combined in one clear whole. Significant is the only effect that by touch, massaging, touching, oppress, smagania caressing the body of another person reach a state of complete relaxation. The content of our meeting depends on the length of meetings and mutual chemistry. Especially if you are a person who likes all kinds of intimate karesy and he can read a woman like an open book. For a relaxing warm welcome you and look forward. If we had the pleasure already know I will doubly nice. I greet with the words you sent forth intimate kisses.


Miasto: Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski, Świętokrzyskie Status związku: Pojedynczy Zasadność: Heteroseksualiści Długość: 150 - 155 cm Postawa: Slim Szkolenie: Uniwersytet Kolor włosów: Czarny Palenie tytoniu: Nr BDSM: Nr Rozmiar miseczki: D70 Ogolony: Nr Kolczyki: Nr Tatuaże: Nr